CISCO CCNA Exam – Q227

What are three components that comprise the SNMP framework? (Choose three.)

B. agent
C. set
E. supervisor
F. manager

Correct Answers: A, B, F

The SNMP framework consists of three parts:
An SNMP manager — The system used to control and monitor the activities of network devices using SNMP.
An SNMP agent — The software component within the managed device that maintains the data for the device and reports these data, as needed, to managing systems.
Cisco Nexus 1000V supports the agent and MIB. To enable the SNMP agent, you must define the relationship between the manager and the agent.
A managed information base (MIB) — The collection of managed objects on the SNMP agent.
SNMP is defined in RFCs 3411 to 3418.