CISCO CCNA 200-301 Q122

Which commands would be used to enable Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP) on a router, and configure the IP addresses and as a part of complete EIGRP configuration? (Choose three.)

A. router eigrp 10
B. router eigrp
C. network
D. network
E. network
F. network

Correct Answer: A, D, E

The router eigrp 10 command is used to enable EIGRP on a router. The network and network commands are used to activate EIGRP over the interfaces configured with IP addresses and If we were given the subnet mask for the two interfaces, we could include that in the network command as well.

The following command sequence is used to configure EIGRP on a router:

router(config) # router eigrp [autonomous-system] router (config-router) # network x.x.x.x [wildcard-mask] router (config-router) # network y.y.y.y [wildcard-mask]

The autonomous-system parameter of the router eigrp command specifies the autonomous system number. To ensure that all the routers in a network can communicate with each other, you should specify the same autonomous system number on all the routers.

The parameters of the network command are:

x.x.x.x – This is the major (classful) network number connected to the router.
x.x.x.y – This is the other major (classful) network number connected to the router.

If either the AS numbers do not match between two EIGRP routers or one end is not configured with EIGRP, no EIGRP routes will appear in the routing table of either router, because they will not have formed an EIGRP neighbor relationship. In this situation you will be able ping between the routers, but you will not be able
to ping LANs attached to the other router.

The router eigrp command is incorrect because you need to specify the autonomous system number after the command to enable EIGRP in a network. The router eigrp 10 command includes the autonomous-system parameter.

The network and network commands are incorrect because the command must be in terms of the network or subnet ID of the network in which the interfaces reside. It is not entered in terms of the address of the interfaces.