CISCO CCNA 200-301 Q116

You set up several routers in your lab. Two of them are connected back to back using Data Terminal Equipment (DTE)-to-Data Circuit-terminating Equipment (DCE) cable. You need to configure the clock rate.

On which router would you configure the clock rate?

A. the DCE
B. the DTE
C. The clock rate is set by default
D. The clock rate cannot be configured

Correct Answer: A

The clock rate is set on the Data Circuit-terminating Equipment (DCE) device. DCE is also known as Data Communications Equipment.

DCE terminates a physical WAN connection and provides clocking and synchronization of a connection between two locations and connects to a DTE. The DCE category includes equipment such as CSU/DSUs and modems. If you were connecting a router to a WAN link, the router would be the DTE end and would be connected to a CSU/DSU or a modem. Either of these devices would provide the clocking.

DTE is an end-user device, such as a router or a PC that connects to the WAN via the DCE device.

Other options are incorrect. By default, no clock rate is configured, but can be set on a DCE device by using the clock rate [bps] command.