CISCO CCNA Exam – Q132

Refer to the exhibit.
CISCO CCNA Exam – Q132

A network administrator is adding two new hosts to SwitchA. Which three values could be used for the configuration of these hosts? (Choose three.)

A. host A IP address:
B. host A IP address:
C. host A default gateway:
D. host B IP address:
E. host B default gateway:
F. host B IP address:

Correct Answers: A,C,F

It’s a “router-on-a-stick” configuration. Which means each host in the VLAN must corresponds with the VLAN configured on the sub-interfaces.
VLAN 10 is configured on fa0/0.10 and VLAN 20 on fa0/0.20. So each hosts in VLAN 10 must use fa0/0.10 IP address as their default gateway, each hosts must also be in the same subnet as fa0/0.10 IP – same with hosts in VLAN 20.
So find out the usable IP addresses on each sub-interfaces – for /27: – .94 and for /26: – .190.
Host A (using port 6 – VLAN 10) must use IP, default gateway
Host B (using port 9 – VLAN 20) must use IP, default gateway