CISCO CCNA 200-301 Q81

Which of the following commands could you use to verify the type of serial cable you are connected to (DCE or DTE)?

A. show interfaces
B. show controllers
C. show ip interface
D. show interface dce
E. show interface switchport

Correct Answer: B

The show controllers command provides hardware-related information used to troubleshoot and diagnose issues with Cisco router interfaces. The output of the command is as follows:

routerA# show controllers serial 0
HD unit 1, idb = 0x1C44E8, driver structure at 0x1CBAC8 buffer size 1524 HD unit 1
V.35 DTE cable, clock rate 64000

The show interfaces, show ip interface, and show interface switchport commands do not display any hardware-related information, such as connected cable types.

The show interface dce command is incorrect because this is not a valid Cisco IOS command.