CISCO CCNA 200-301 Q72

Which command would you use to see which interfaces are currently operating as trunks?

A. show interface switchports
B. show trunk interface
C. show interfaces trunk
D. show switchport trunk

Correct Answer: C

The show interfaces trunk command displays a list of interfaces currently operating as trunks, and their configuration (such as supported VLANs or frame tagging method).

Switch# show interfaces trunk
Port Mode Encapsulation Status Native vlan Gi0/1 desirable 802.1q trunking 1
Gi0/2 desirable 802.1q trunking 1

Port Vlans allowed on trunk Gi0/1 1-4094
Gi0/2 1-4094

This output indicates that switch ports Gi0/1 and Gi0/2 are both currently operating as trunks (Status), and that 802.1q frame tagging is being used on the trunk links.

The remaining options are incorrect because they are not valid Cisco IOS commands.