CISCO CCNA 200-301 Q155

Which Cisco IOS command allows you to change the setting of the configuration register?

A. boot config
B. configuration-register edit
C. config-register
D. edit configuration-register

Correct Answer: C

The config-register command is used to change the setting of the configuration register. The configuration register has the boot field setting, which specifies the order in which the router should look for bootstrap information. The router contains a 16-bit software register, which is stored in the non-volatile random access memory (NVRAM). The config-register command is used to modify the default configuration register. The most common use of changing this register is to instruct the router to ignore the stored configuration file and boot as a new router with no configuration. This process is normally used when a router has a password that is not known and must be reset. For security purposes, this procedure can only be performed from the console connection, which means it requires physical access to the router.

Normally the setting of this register is 0x2102, which tells the router to look for a configuration file. If the file exists, it will use it. If none exists, the router will boot into ROM and present the user with a menu-based setup. This would be the default behavior for a new router as well.

The boot config command is incorrect because this command is used to set the device where the configuration file is located (flash, slot, etc.) and file name for the configuration file, which helps the router to configure itself during startup.

The configuration-register edit command and the edit configuration-register commands are incorrect because they are not valid Cisco IOS