CISCO CCNA 200-301 Q112

You have a Telnet session established with a switch from a router. You would like to maintain that connection while you return to the session with the router, and then easily return to the switch session after connecting to the router.

What command should you use?

A. <Ctrl-Shift-6>x
B. resume
C. suspend
D. <Ctrl-Shift-6>shift

Correct Answer: A

After typing the Ctrl-Shift-6 sequence, you can tap the x key and return to the previous session, which in this case was the session with the router. Below is the full sequence of commands described in this item:

Router1#telnet Tying User Access Verification Password:
Switch2><Ctrl-Shift-6>x Router1#

When you desired to return to the session with the switch, you would use the resume command as shown below:

Router1#resume Switch>

Neither the suspend nor the <Ctrl-Shift-6>shift commands are valid commands.