Microsoft 70-411 Exam – Q64

You are hired by to administer an Active Directory domain named which encompasses a RADIUS server by the name of ABC-SR08 running an installation of Windows Server 2012.

Your senior network administrator has provisioned a VPN server added to the network named ABC-VPN05 and thereafter orders the creation of numerous network policies on ABC-SR08.

Which of the following actions need to be taken if you are assigned the task of having ABC-SR08 configured to accept appeals for authentication from ABC-VPN05?

A. You will need to run the Add-RemoteAccessRadius command on ABC-SR08.
B. You will need to run the Get-NpsRadiusClient command on ABC-SR08.
C. You will need to run the Set-RemoteAccessRadius command on ABC-SR08.
D. You will need to configure the Routing and Remote Access Service (RRAS) role service on ABC-SR08.

Correct Answer: B

The Get-NpsRadiusClient cmdlet gets Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) clients. A RADIUS client uses a RADIUS server to manage authentication, authorization, and accounting requests that the client sends. A RADIUS client can be an access server, such as a dial-up server or wireless access point, or a RADIUS proxy.