Microsoft 70-411 Exam – Q63

You have a server named Server1 that runs Windows Server 2012 R2.

You promote Server1 to a domain controller. You need to view the service location (SRV) records that Server1 registers in DNS.
What should you do on Server1?

A. Open the Netlogon.dns file.
B. Open the Srv.sys file.
C. Run ipconfig /displaydns
D. Run Get-DnsServerDiagnostics.

Correct Answer: A

When you use third-party DNS servers to support Active Directory, you can verify the registration of domain controller locator resource records. If the server does not support dynamic update, you need to add these records manually.

The Netlogon service creates a log file that contains all the locator resource records and places the log file in the following location:


You can check this file to find out which locator resource records are created for the domain controller.