Microsoft 70-411 Exam – Q47

You have a server named Server1 that runs Windows Server 2012 R2.
You discover that the performance of Server1 is poor. The results of a performance report generated on Server1 are shown in the following table.

You need to identify the cause of the performance issue.
What should you identify?
A. Driver malfunction
B. Insufficient RAM
C. Excessive paging
D. NUMA fragmentation

Correct Answer: A


Total Processor % Interrupt Time (Collection Rule)
This rule collects the Total Instance of the % Interrupt Time performance counter. By default, a sample is taken every 5 minutes. % Interrupt Time monitors the overall average processor utilization that occurred in Interrupt mode. Only interrupt service routines (ISRs), which are device driver functions run in Interrupt mode. Excessive % Interrupt Time can identify that a device is malfunctioning and serves as a secondary indicator that a device might be contributing to a processor bottleneck.

This monitor is disabled based on customer feedback. A majority of our customers do not monitor total percentage interrupt time performance information by default.

Enable this monitor if total percentage interrupt time performance monitoring is required.