Microsoft 70-411 Exam – Q35

Your network contains an Active Directory domain named The domain contains more than 100 Group Policy objects (GPOs). Currently, there are no enforced GPOs. The domain contains a top-level organizational unit (OU) for each department. A group named Group1 contains members from each department.

You have a GPO named GPO1 that is linked to the domain. You need to configure GPO1 to apply settings to Group1 only.
What should you use?

A. Dcgpofix
B. Get-GPOReport
C. Gpfixup
D. Gpresult
E. Gpedit.msc
F. Import-GPO
G. Restore-GPO
H. Set-GPInheritance
I. Set-GPLink
J. Set-GPPermission
K. Gpupdate
L. Add-ADGroupMember

Correct Answer: J

Set-GPPermission grants a level of permissions to a security principal (user, security group, or computer) for one GPO or all the GPOs in a domain.

You use the TargetName and TargetType parameters to specify a user, security group, or computer for which to set the permission level. You can use the Name or the Guid parameter to set the permission level for the security principal on a single GPO, or you can use the All parameter to set the permission level for the security principal on all GPOs in the domain.

By default, if the security principal already has a higher permission level than the specified permission level, the change is not applied. You can specify the Replace parameter, to remove the existing permission level from the GPO before the new permission level is set. This ensures that the existing permission level is replaced by the new permission level.