Microsoft 70-411 Exam – Q34

Your network contains an Active Directory domain named The domain contains more than 100 Group Policy objects (GPOs). Currently, there are no enforced GPOs. A network administrator accidentally deletes the Default Domain Policy GPO. You do not have a backup of any of the GPOs.

You need to recreate the Default Domain Policy GPO.
What should you use?

A. Dcgpofix
B. Get-GPOReport
C. Gpfixup
D. Gpresult
E. Gpedit.msc
F. Import-GPO
G. Restore-GPO
H. Set-GPInheritance
I. Set-GPLink
J. Set-GPPermission
K. Gpupdate
L. Add-ADGroupMember

Correct Answer: A

Dcgpofix recreates the default Group Policy Objects (GPOs) for a domain.

When restoring the Default Domain Policy GPO to its original state, you will lose any changes that you have made to this GPO. As a best practice, you should configure the Default Domain Policy GPO only to manage the default Account Policies settings, Password Policy, Account Lockout Policy, and Kerberos Policy. In this example, you ignore the version of the Active Directory schema so that thedcgpofix command is not limited to same schema as the Windows version in which the command was shipped.

dcgpofix /ignoreschema /target:Domain